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Marveling at the Lottery Logic

“I am told by longtime New Yorkers that the subway used to be awful– garbage-strewn, graffiti-covered, suffocating in the summer, dangerous at night all year round. And of course I know plenty of people who despise taking it today, even though the cars are remarkably safe, clean, and cool. I suggest they ride with me. …

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Excerpted from Jess Keiser’s review of Bedeviled: A Shadow History of Demons in Science by Jimena Canales: Writing in the mid-17th century, the French philosopher René Descartes realized that in order “to establish anything at all in the sciences that was stable and likely to last,” he first needed to lash himself to a single …

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Preconceived Notions

A friend recommended this book to me quite a while ago, but I put off reading it because I’m a snob. I saw the author was Louis L’Amour and I thought “Dime-store cowboy novelist.”  I saw the title The Haunted Mesa and thought “Ooh!  Just like The Hardy Boys!” And being a snob almost cost …

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