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Are You Really?

“Are you really going to hand over the White House to a real estate agent?”  ~John Lydon, on Donald Trump Politics is the only field where inexperience and ignorance are considered to be positive qualities. Apply for literally any other job in the world and tell them, “I’ve never done this before, but that’s a …


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The largest peaceful protests in American history were against the Bush family’s Middle East Wars. Protesters applied for permits, assembled peacefully, and picked up after themselves when they were through. Local merchants loved them: they stayed in motels, bought t-shirts, ate in restaurants. The economy boomed. Not surprisingly, they were completely ineffective. Lately we’ve had …

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Here Lies

I didn’t know this existed until I heard Donald Trump complaining about it.

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“We seem to have lost the sense that we can freely and happily extend ourselves for others. In modeling our social institutions on business principles, we have become very disconnected from our own noble heart.”  ~Ogyen Trinley Dorje (source)

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Who made who?

Excerpted from Maureen Dowd’s  column in The New York Times, Sunday July 8, 2018: Trump has certainly made political discourse more crude and belligerent. But is he making the whole country meaner, coarser, and less empathetic? Or was the pump primed for a political figure like him because the internet had already made America meaner, …

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The wretched refuse

Donald Trump supporters are not idiots. When someone buys a lottery ticket, it’s not because they don’t understand math. They know. But life has beaten them down so badly that they believe a long-shot is their only shot. Trump’s supporters have seen their good-paying Union jobs replaced with low-paying McJobs. In America, less money doesn’t …

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