“This is why I like the company of gardeners and farmers: not just for the humility that dirty fingernails brings, but also because they are just about the last people on earth who have patience in this ever-faster spinning world.” ~Tim Mountz (via)



This is a BioSet Germinator, and I’ve used one to grow my own sprouts for years.  There are a lot of choices beyond just the alfalfa sprouts you find in the grocery store, and it’s a lot of fun to watch them sprout and grow.

I bought mine from Johnny’s Seeds, a family-owned business I’ve always had good experiences with.


If you haven’t planted your spring garden yet, STOP!  Go have a look at what has to offer!

SeedSavers offers heirloom varieties of flowers and vegetables you can’t find at the chain stores, and what’s really cool is that they all come with instructions on how to harvest the seeds so you can plant them again next year!