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“Yet the contest proceeds.”

People have always struggled to understand why God allows bad things happen. In this excerpt from The Man Who Saved the Union:  Ulysses Grant in War and Peace by H.W. Brands, ©2012, Abraham Lincoln tries to make sense of the world: “The President was in deep distress,” Attorney General Edward Bates recorded.  “He seemed wrung …


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An excerpt from The Autobiography of William Allen White, published in 1946: Later in life, when I saw beautiful architecture, I looked at it with the same eagerness and happiness that had come whenever I had encountered beauty.  It was many years before I realized fully that the quickening impulse of eager satisfaction which comes …

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Who art in

This is how Giovanni Battista Cima, an Italian artist at the dawn of the 16th century, thought God might look:  sort of grandfatherly.  

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