I think one of the keys to happiness is to look up– not just figuratively, but literally.

Don’t look at the pavement, your feet, your device; look at the clouds, the birds, the moon…

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“Whatever it is, stop trying to figure it out now. Let it remain unresolved a little while. Stop trying to fast-forward to the ‘answer’ scene in the movie of your life; trust the present scene of ‘no answer yet’. Allow the question itself space to breathe and be fertilized. Relax into the mysterious ground of Now.”  ~Jeff Foster

And, of course, that reminded me of this:

1st and 2nd

It’s been said that the first thought that pops into your head is just a reflection of how society has conditioned you to respond– it’s the second thought that defines who you are.

So if an unkind thought pops into your head, don’t fret over it.  Just replace it with one of your own.