For some reason, the line that resonates with me is not, “My soul’s been psychedelicized” (even though that seems to be the favorite of the performers).   It’s “I have no home.”  It doesn’t seem especially tragic in this context, although it does give me pause.

This song is on one of Steve Earle’s albums, but lacks the energy this live performance has.

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Joanie Loves Mariachi

Probably the worst opening act I ever saw at a concert was the time The Mavericks opened with a mariachi band. Seriously!

I felt like my head was being split open. My earplugs were no match for the intensity of the horns. The lobby of the Grenada filled with patrons fleeing the assault.

As mariachi bands go, they were very good- but mariachi bands do not belong indoors.

“He was shy, he was reserved, and he was a gentleman.”

Devon Allman reminisces about his father Gregg in the August 2017 issue of relix magazine:

What went through my head when I knew my dad was about to pass away was all the time we didn’t have together. I’ll be the first to admit– that was negative thinking. I had to flip the dynamic. We didn’t do some of the basic, remedial father-son things, but I got to sing onstage with him in front of tens of thousands of people. Before I was even 18 I got a tattoo with my dad– he had to sign for it. And it wasn’t all rock stuff, either: I got to go fishing with my old man, right under the Golden Gate Bridge. We watched a lot of football together– the NFL was a shared passion. We’d go to the movies. In the last 15 years, especially, he really mellowed out. He started to get it and realized that he had a really good family.

He was certainly the soundtrack to a lot of people’s good times and bad times. But he didn’t wear that larger-than-life thing– that stature– around the house. He was a normal guy. He was shy, he was reserved, and he was a gentleman.

Relix is on the web HERE.

In 1970, three years before his first hit Piano Man, Billy Joel wrote a note and tried to kill himself by drinking a bottle of household cleaner (source).  He recovered, and went on to have 33 Top-40 hits over the next three decades.

Take a minute to consider all the songs we would never have heard if he had succeeded.

Now take a moment to consider all the songs we haven’t heard, because of the people who did.