My three favorite actors:

  1. Bruce Dern
  2. Donald Sutherland
  3. John Lithgow

My three favorite actresses:

  1. Laurie Metcalf
  2. Octavia Spencer
  3. Alexis Bledel

I enjoy watching actors like Al Pacino and Jack Nicholson build to a big explosive payoff, but I’m more impressed with the actors who can play the quiet scenes.

The most difficult thing for an actor to play convincingly seems to be joy. It’s not hard to make people feel sad, and making people angry is literally as easy as raising a finger, but the actors who can lift your spirits and bring a smile to your face are the ones who really have something special.


The Intern

I saw this movie with Mona today, and it’s a lot better than the trailer makes it look.

It’s all about creating harmony out of disparate parts; everybody is different, but nobody is put down or ridiculed.

It was fun seeing a Robert DeNiro in a more laid-back role, where he wasn’t chomping on the scenery.  He was perfectly cast, and I can’t imagine another actor doing it as well.

I enjoyed it.  I recommend it.

At The Movies

I saw the new Melissa McCarthy movie Spy today, and if watching people die funny is your idea of a comedy then I’d say this is the movie for you.

It was unexpectedly violent and sexually explicit.  The trailers had not prepared us for that.  I was disappointed.

When Melissa McCarthy played Sookie on Gilmore Girls fifteen years ago they let her be cute and funny and charming, but in every role since then they’ve made her plain, sad, and crass.

I guess I was hoping they’d let her be sparkly and charming again.

Bueller… Bueller… Bueller…

I found a copy of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off for five dollars at the check out counter of the grocery store, and Mona and  I watched it this afternoon.

It’s one of my favorites.

In a typical Teen Comedy™, the parents are away and the kids respond by breaking into the liquor cabinet, throwing a raucous party, and shouting “Woo!” frequently.  What Ferris does, though, is have a nice meal, attend a ball game, visit a museum, and watch a parade.

I just find that so much more appealing.