In case they want to know…

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…the delight on my father’s face.

In this excerpt from his autobiography, I Remember ©1991, Dan Rather shares a warm memory from his childhood:

Late one night when I was five or six years old and had long been put to bed, I woke up and heard music being played in the kitchen. This was unusual for such an advanced hour, so I got up, cracked my door open quietly, and peeked to see what was going on.

They didn’t see me, but I glimpsed what looked to me like a magical sight. I didn’t want to disrupt it. My parents were dancing.

They danced for a long time, maybe an hour, off an on, sometimes stopping to fine-tune the radio through the static, trying to bring in one of the outlaw stations across the Mexican border, the ones that carried slow and fast tunes. These outlets were also home to “Doc” John R. Brinkley, once candidate for governor of Kansas, who promised rejuvenation with a “goat gland” treatment that cost $750, which made us laugh our heads off. He was our Johnny Carson.

Doc Brinkley was not on the air that night, so Mother and Father danced through the static, ballads, and all other kinds of music, and they were plainly happier than I’d ever seen them. Mother hummed along much of the time and both were smiling a lot. It was especially sweet and remarkable to see the delight on my father’s face. The pressures of the workday had been lifted from his features; I remember that distinctly.


If you only have room for one Joe Cocker album, Organic is the one to get.  Most of his hits are here, along with a few new ones, but with a stripped-down background that really emphasizes the vocals.

Darling Be Home Soon is my favorite of his romantic songs.

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Joanie Loves Mariachi

Probably the worst opening act I ever saw at a concert was the time The Mavericks opened with a mariachi band. Seriously!

I felt like my head was being split open. My earplugs were no match for the intensity of the horns. The lobby of the Grenada filled with patrons fleeing the assault.

As mariachi bands go, they were very good- but mariachi bands do not belong indoors.