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Lesser Of

Ignore his party affiliation for a moment, ignore the rhetoric, and just look at the things Barack Obama did. He built over 800 miles of wall along the border with Mexico, and still holds the record for the most deportations. He built thousands of miles of  oil pipeline, declining only to build the last tiny …


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Simple Simon

CBS News reports on the new budget agreement: The biggest things Republicans scored was the repeal of the 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports, as well as provisions in the tax extenders deal that would delay ObamaCare’s so-called Cadillac tax and the medical device tax for two years. Among the wins for Democrats, the spending …

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Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

“The United States of America will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death.”  ~Barack Obama (source) And the way he intends to dismantle this Network of Death™ is through bombing, strafing, and assassination.

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Would you like to play a game?

“The next phase is now to start going on some offense.” ~Barack Obama (source) That quaint sports euphemism means he’s going to start killing people again.  People and animals are going to be shot, dismembered, blasted, and burned.  Their bodies are going to be left in unidentifiable mounds of pulp, feasted on by flies and …

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…and Nuremberg was “wallowing in the past”

Barack Obama says it would be “sanctimonious” of me to criticize CIA agents who “tortured some folks.” (source) Do you know what I consider worse than being “sanctimonious?” Torturing some folks. Apparently, that’s just me, though.

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If I understand this correctly, Obama’s “reform” of his expanded NSA spying program will be to store the information they collect in THAT room instead of THIS room (source). A secret court using secret criteria will continue to issue secret rulings on who can secretly enter the room- but it’s a different room, so that …

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