You Really Don’t

“When I used to eat corn on the cob, I was really having butter and salt.  Now I eat corn on the cob and it’s the sweetest thing I ever put in my mouth.  Lay off salt and butter for three weeks.  You think you know what green beans taste like, but you really don’t.  It will blow your fucking mind.”  ~Penn Jillette, in Men’s Health November 2016


Human, being.

I am very glad, indeed, to have this opportunity to address the two Houses directly and to verify for myself the impression that the President of the United States is a person, not a mere department of the Government hailing Congress from some isolated island of jealous power, sending messages, not speaking naturally and with his own voice– that he is a human being trying to cooperate with other human beings in a common service.

Those are the words President Woodrow Wilson used to open his first address to a joint session of congress.

I like them.

I think people sometimes forget that behind the grandstanding and theatrics of Washington life stand  real human beings, bearing the same strengths and frailties we all do.  Not gods, not demons; just a bunch of guys.


“It is preposterous to suppose that the people of one generation can lay down the best and only rules of government for all who are to come after them, and under unforeseen contingencies… The fathers would have been the first to declare that their prerogatives were not irrevocable.”  ~Ulysses Grant on the U.S. Constitution, quoted in The Man Who Saved the Union: Ulysses S. Grant in War and Peace by H.W. Brands ©2012