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Agnostic author A.J. Jacobs decided to try and obey all of the rules in the Bible– even the weird, obscure ones– and document what happened. This excerpt from The Year of Living Biblically is from about four months in to the experiment: I spend a lot of time marveling… I’ll marvel at the way rain …


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I watched Elizabeth Lev’s TED Talk about the Sistine Chapel, and one thing she pointed out– which I had never been shown before– is that as God is about to give Adam the spark of divinity with His right hand, His left arm is already wrapped snugly around Eve.  

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Messiness and Creativity

If you have a few minutes, this is well worth your time.

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From a TED Talk by Guy WInch: I once visited a day care center, where I saw three toddlers play with identical plastic toys. You had to slide the red button, and a cute doggie would pop out. One little girl tried pulling the purple button, then pushing it, and then she just sat back …

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Al Jacobs

This is everything you’d want from a TED talk:  informative, transformative, and a lot of fun.  I think you’ll like this one.  😀

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My favorite part is when he talks about depression in Africa: And yet, when I went to look at alternative treatments, I also gained perspective on other treatments. I went through a tribal exorcism in Senegal that involved a great deal of ram’s blood and that I’m not going to detail right now, but a …

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