Slice of Life

I was standing against the wall, waiting for someone. Two old friends were sitting side by side on a bench nearby.

The first said, “I’m seventy-three now. I feel like once you’re past sixty-five, you’re into overtime.”

The other one considered this for a moment, then added, “Sudden death.”

And they both laughed.


Good job, Don.

Because of Donald Trump’s rants, standing for the national anthem now feels more like an endorsement of his policies than an act of patriotism.

I always thought it was kind of weird to have a national song that is only sung prior to sporting events, a song so difficult to sing that even professionals have a hard time hitting the notes, a song that’s really just a lyrical version of the fight scene in Cool Hand Luke.  I only stood up for it because the song seemed to mean something to the people around me, even if I didn’t quite get it myself.

But now I don’t feel like I can stand in good conscience.

Science tells us that memories are just a string of stored molecules, a thought is just a zap of electricity, a feeling is just a transfer of chemicals across a synapse.

But that just doesn’t ring true to me.


I try to live a healthy life. I exercise regularly and practice yoga daily. I meditate.  I take a vitamin.  I eat oatmeal for breakfast, even though it’s rather on the bland side, because I know it’s better for me than a big bowl of Lucky Charms.

But I believe that life is meant to be enjoyed, so I do treat myself sometimes.

I have this vision that after I die, God will call me to His throne.  He will look me square in the eye, lean forward, then whisper, “Did you try the pie?”

And I want to be able to answer, “Yes, I did!”


I saw a real change in this country when they changed the name from “Personnel Department” to “Human Resources.”

That’s when we changed from being “persons” to be respected to “resources” to be exploited and discarded.