I’ve been unable to find the artist.  If anyone knows, please let me know so I can give credit.


Insects and Such

This is a little Potter Wasp’s nest I found on our back porch screen.  It’s about the size of your thumbnail.  I rarely see the wasps themselves, but I frequently spot their little nests around and about.  It’s filled with paralysed spiders and a single wasp egg, which will delight you if you’re on the side of the wasps and horrify you if you’ve thrown in with the spiders.

I’ve studied insects as a hobbyist for most of my life.  I love finding and identifying something new, then reading all about it.

But I’ve never had an insect collection.  The idea of seeing something beautiful then killing it to display its corpse always seemed awfully morbid to me.

There are a lot of insects that require close inspection to identify.   Flies and dragonflies are often identified by the way the veins in their wings branch, many beetles require you to see tiny variations in their feet and antennae.  Fortunately for me, insects are cold blooded, so when they require a closer look I simply put them in the refrigerator and let them cool down.  They can’t move when they’re cold, so I have plenty of time to examine them under the magnifying glass, then I set them down in the sun where they warm up and fly away (with quite a tale to tell their little insect buddies).



We found a small wooden box with a few newspaper clippings Mom had saved.

There were three notices of her dance recitals.  As a young woman she was a member of a modern dance troupe, but turned down an offer by Martha Graham to dance professionally since it would have meant leaving college.

There was a neatly trimmed notice of her marriage to my father.

And her own father’s obituary, torn out by hand and carefully folded in half.