Or would you rather be a pig?

So you see it’s all up to you
You can be better than you are
You could be swinging on a star

Full lyrics HERE.


I refuse

I have a friend who’s a disc jockey on a Christian radio station, so I tune in every now and then just out of politeness.

It’s not really my thing.  Too many songs try to cram an inspirational message into a tune that just doesn’t fit it, and you hear the phrase “blood of the lamb” way too often.  (I think it’s an easy phrase to rhyme– that’s why there are so many country songs about Tennessee.)

But, every now and then, I get a really good song that makes it worth my while.

This one sort of evokes the spirit of the 60s.  I appreciate a good call to action.

I hope you enjoy it.

Those who cannot remember the past…

Wendell Willkie was the Republican– yes, Republican— nominee for president in 1940:

“In the money-mad period of the Twenties the heads of some of our corporations forgot their primary function– that of running a business enterprise in a way that would be sound for the worker, the consumer and the investor. Instead of attending to the duties of management they began playing with corporate structures as with a child’s building blocks, becoming promoters rather than business men. And some financiers in Wall Street and elsewhere, instead of serving as a link between the savings of the people and the enormous capital needs of industry, became jugglers of finance, concerned primarily with making money and securing power for themselves.”  ~Wendell Wilkie, as quoted in Toward One World: The Life of Wendell Willkie by Bill Severn, ©1967